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let us take action together!

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the power to bring about change for future generations.



Do not be afraid that your acts of kindness are too insignificant.

Your small contributions can make this world a warmer place!

In 2021, SATEERA SDN BHD and Outstanding Entrepreneurs SDN BHD (OE) jointly established the "HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day" charity event. This event, with the slogan "LOVE, CARE & SPEAK" aims to encourage women to live a healthy, confident, and joyful life, prioritizing personal health care. We also aim to eliminate cultural discrimination surrounding gynecological diseases and encourage women to bravely speak out and seek appropriate help when facing such illnesses.​

We have designated March 3rd each year as "HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day." Looking ahead, the "HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day" charity event will continue to take root in our homeland. Through our charitable activities, we indirectly encourage women to prioritize personal care and health, as well as embrace a confident and joyful attitude towards life. We hope that through these activities, we can remind society that true beauty is rooted in good health, and genuine beauty and confidence come from those who embrace their true selves.

Spreading Love, Igniting Hope: Towards a Healthy, Confident, and Joyful Life

At HERSTORY, we are committed to creating a world centered around women's health, filled with love, listening, and care. We firmly believe that through the power of self-love and appreciation, we can empower women with greater confidence and strength, enabling them to embark on a healing journey filled with hope at every step.

Additionally, we pay special attention to single mothers and marginalized women, striving to provide support in their daily lives through essential care products and advocating for their focus on personal health care. Personal hygiene should not be a luxury, and we also aim to provide them with educational opportunities that can enhance their lives. Through mutual efforts, we aspire to illuminate their path towards a brighter future.

Mother's love


On this extraordinary journey in this great charitable endeavor. Together, we strive to make a profound impact in the lives of women and empower them through the principles of social responsibility. At our core, we firmly believe that incredible transformations occur when more people are willing to step forward in support of social responsibility.

Through our collective efforts, we are committed to creating a world where every woman feels valued, supported, and cared for. Join us as an indispensable part of this noble pursuit, breaking down societal barriers and enhancing global awareness of personal care among women, as well as uplifting their spirits in life.



HERSTORY is a charitable organization that encourages women to live a rich life of health, confidence, and happiness. It is a place where passion meets purpose, and every journey is of utmost importance.

We are dedicated to empowering women of all ages and inspiring them through diverse activities and projects, aimed at educating, encouraging, and bringing joy. From engaging in interactive health seminars at domestic universities to impactful community events, we wholeheartedly pursue the path of positive change. Within this supportive community, we strive to convey the attitude of "LOVE, CARE, AND SPEAK" promoting a more positive and fulfilling life for women, transcending societal barriers.

Joining our ranks allows each woman to rise, inspire others, and create a desirable impact. We believe in the transformative power of shared experiences. Through collective efforts, we bridge educational gaps, instill hope, and ignite sparks of transformation in women's lives. Our influence ripples through communities, empowering women to overcome obstacles and embrace new opportunities.

Unity is strength. Join us in prioritizing women's care and building a world where no woman is left behind. Together, we inspire, educate, and elevate, leaving a profound imprint on every life touched.

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